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ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Woman (AMMW) is an ASEAN cooperation on Women issues to promote gender equality, women’s rights and social justice for women in all aspects. This year, the 4th edition of AMMW will be held in Indonesia at October 11-15th 2021 with the theme “Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion for Improving ASEAN Women’s Competitiveness”.

5 Oktober 2021

Road to AMMW:
FGD on “Advancing Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion to Achieve Gender Equality in ASEAN Member States”

Concept Note
Virtual FGD on Women in Digital Economy

Press Release
Kolaborasi ASEAN Tingkatkan Peran Perempuan Dalam Ekonomi Digital dan Inklusi Keuangan

6 Oktober 2021

Road to AMMW:
Webinar “Export to Face the Global SME Challenge” (AWEN)

Online Workshop on Women and Export to Face the Global SMEs Challenges

7 Oktober 2021

Webinar “Women Participation on Digital Economies: ASEAN Policy Dialogue for Promoting Women Economic Empowerment in Rapidly Evolving Digital Economy Post the Pandemic”

Webinar TOR-MoWECP

11 Oktober 2021

Webinar “The Beauty of Batik as a Cultural Heritage in Women’s Hands”


20th ACW Meeting

Indonesia Sebagai ACW Chair

Pertemuan 20th ACW

13th ACW+3 Meeting

Indonesia Pimpin Pertemuan 13th ACW+3

13 Oktober 2021

Award “Gender Equality” (Anugrah Parahita Ekapraya/APE)

Anugrah Parahita Ekapraya Award

Indonesia Dorong Sinergi dan Integrasi ..

Webinar “Sharing Best Practices of Implementation of Public Private Partnership on Women’s Economic Empowerment”

Concept Note-ASEAN Webinar PPP

14 Oktober 2021

Webinar “Indonesia’s Experience on Women Empowering Women in Pandemic Situation (Indonesia’s Experience)”

Webinar on Women Empowering Women

Webinar “Jamu as Indonesian’s Heritage”

ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Women - JAMU

Launch of ASEAN-UNESCAP Joint Report on Addressing Unpaid Care and Domestic Work in ASEAN: Policy Guidelines and Recommendations to Launch of the Report: Addressing Unpaid Care Work in ASEAN

ESCAP ASEAN UCDW Report Launch 14 Oct 2021 Programme

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